E-240 Electrolyzed Water System

E-240 is a Multifunctional Disinfecting System for your Business or Home

E-240 Electrolyzed Water System – Generate Hypochlorous Acid

(HOCl) – 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

The E-240 system is a compact, low-maintenance, single stream system that generates hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in solution through the electrolysis of salt and water. The system uses patented electrolysis cells that are unique in that they generate a stable HOCl molecule that is electrically neutral and with high oxidation potential (>800 mV), contributing to its effectiveness against microbial pathogens.

Benefits of using HOCL :

  • HOCL is perfect for sanitizing your fruits, veggies, poultry, etc. to reduce the risk of food-borne illness.
  • HOCL is the best choice to eliminate bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria & others.
  • Just substitute salt with potassium carbonate to make a degreaser for you cookware
  • USDA FSIS Clearance for Meat & Poultry

Where to use E240

Home | Restaurants | Poultry Farms | Dental Offices | Parks | Schools | Gyms | Hotels | Cruise Ships | Cannabis Growers | Produce Growers | Hospitals | Food production

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  • Model: E-240 System – see system comparison
  • Electrolysis Type: Single Cell, Single Stream, Non-membrane Electrolysis
  • Power Supply: 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Build Material: Polished 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 42 cm (12.5 x 6.5 x 16.5 inches)
  • Weight: 11.8 kg (26 lbs.)
  • Solution: Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)
  • Concentration: 10 to 200 ppm – see more details
  • pH: Acidic to Neutral (pH5-pH8) – adjustable by additive & system settings
  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP): 800 mV to 1100 mV

Production Rates

Using Normal Salt Water Additive

  • Rate @160 ppm: 1 L/minute (0.38 gal./minute)
  • Rate @120 ppm: 2 L/minute (0.53 gal./minute)
  • Rate @80 ppm: 3 L/minute (0.8 gal./minute)
  • Rate @60 ppm: 4 L/minute (1 gal./minute)
  • Rate @50 ppm: 5 L/minute (1.3 gal./minute)
  • Rate @40 ppm: 6 L/minute (1.5 gal./minute)

Using Acidified Salt Water Additive (HCl added)

  • Rate @200 ppm: 1 L/minute (0.38 gal./minute)
  • Rate @160 ppm: 2 L/minute (0.53 gal./minute)
  • Rate @140 ppm: 3 L/minute (0.8 gal./minute)
  • Rate @105 ppm: 4 L/minute (1 gal./minute)
  • Rate @85 ppm: 5 L/minute (1.3 gal./minute)
  • Rate @70 ppm: 6 L/minute (1.5 gal./minute)


  • EcoloxTech 240 System
  • Salt Brine Additive Tank (2-Liter internal tank)
  • Installation and Operation Manuals
  • Test Strips – Hydrion Micro CM-240 Chlorine Test Paper

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Regulatory Clearances for Food Contact

Over 2000 companies are already using E-240 Electrolyzed Water System every day
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Linda S.

I rely on this product


I use the water I make to: clean my home, to wash/clean produce from the market, to spray on my face/hands/skin… It’s easy to make electrolyzed water and this powerful water is completely non-toxic.

Janet S.

Love my HOCL

Besides carrying around spray bottles full of HOCL to disinfect COVID, flu, and cold germs, I also use it to wash all my incoming fruits and veggies and they stay fresh SO much longer in my fridge! HOCL also cleared up my husband’s athlete’s foot in a flash! WORTH the cost of the machine a thousand times over!

Jessica P.

EcoloxTech Electrolyzed Water System

Why isn’t every healthcare facility, school, restaurant business and home using HOCL to disinfect everything? Had it for 4 days and made 8 batches of HOCL (Disinfectant) at 200ppm and 1 batch of KOH (Degreaser). Both work well. Simply amazing. My stove is shining (KOH). Looked up journal articles before purchasing and HOCL can be used as a wound cleaner, skin cleanser, deodorant and athletes foot eliminator. I even mopped my floors with it. Streak-free on aluminum, chrome and stainless steel, too. I haven’t enjoyed cleaning this much ever in my life.

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About Company

EcoloxTech technology is all about effective solutions that promote environmental sustainability. Our cutting-edge hypochlorous applications are inspired by the ‘green chemistry’ ethos of minimizing the need, generation, use and storage of hazardous substances.

Our hypochlorous HOCl products are produced from three everyday components: water, food grade salt and electricity. When used for disinfection, it oxidizes and is consumed with the only by-product of using our products being slightly salty water. Because they are non irritating, our products can be handled without protective equipment and are easy to dispose of.

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