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In Search of the most efficient, efficacious, and cost-effective food grade sanitizer: What researchers found As a business operator in the food industry, have you ever wondered why, not all products used to sanitize, and disinfect food contact surfaces, are classified as a food grade sanitizer? And do you question whether routine wipe-downs, using commercial wet wipes, is a sufficient disinfection protocol at your establishment? After reading this post, however, you’ll wonder no more. Because we have those answers for you…and many others! So Many Questions…and All the Answers! We’ve reviewed a vast ocean of research from top scientific sources…just

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EcoloxTech specializes in manufacturing electrolysis systems used for generating electrolyzed water for food sanitation, contact surface sanitation and water disinfection. EcoloxTech also specializes in capacitive deionization for water purification. EcoloxTech is a US based company founded by Morten Larsen, a Marine Engineer who used to advise the White House on advancing environmentally friendly technologies and previously served as an engineer for the United Nations in Africa. Larsen currently serves as CEO of EcoloxTech. For more information, visit

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