Summary of the Procedure

  • Test microorganisms were grown on appropriate media.
  • Culture used for test inoculum were evaluated for sterility, washed and concentrated in sterile

    phosphate buffered saline upon harvesting.

  • The test inoculum was split into two equal parts and added to the appropriate number of

    nebulizers. Liquid culture should not exceed 20 ml per nebulizer.

  • The device was setup per protocol requirements and operated per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The chamber was setup and the safety checklist was completed prior to test initiation.
  • Test was initiated by aerosolizing the microorganisms per the nebulizers and allowing the

    concentration to reach the required PFU/m3. Once the concentration was reached, a time zero sample is taken then the device is run for the specified contact time and an additional sample is taken for each contact time.

  • The decontamination process is run, 4 hours of UV exposure, prior to any scientists entering the testing chamber.
  • Samples are enumerated using standard dilution and plating techniques.
  • Microbial concentrations are determined after appropriate incubation times.
  • Reductions of microorganisms are calculated relative to concentration of the time zero or corresponding control run sample as applicable

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