3 Popular Methods of Sanitizing Washing Machines

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It is understood that a washing machine is used for cleaning, but that does not mean it can’t be cleaned and sanitized. A washing machine removes the dirt and sometimes, germs on your clothes. This puts it in a position where it is regularly exposed to dirt and germs.

People love the smell of clean clothes, but how about the smell of a clean washing machine? Washing your laundry at a low temperature may help you save money, but it exposes your washing machine to more bacteria. It would help if you learned how to sanitize washing machine to protect yourself from such occurrences.

The washing machine is for cleaning your clothes, but why wash clothes with a bacteria infested washing machine? That would mean your clothes will be clean but exposed to bacteria.

Tips To Care For Your Washing Machine

clean washer and dryerThere are some basic steps you can take as routines that can help¹ care for your washing machine. These steps help prevent nasty smells and bacteria from taking over your washing machine.

Check Nooks And Crannies

Your washing machine is not just an object with no shape; it is designed with several curves and compartments. Places like door seals and drawers are easy for bacteria to be found. It would help if you checked some bent parts of your machine to see accumulated water that could cause a bad smell or be a breeding place for bacteria.

Heat Your Machine

This can be done when you run a wash on the hot water in your machine; this is done with no clothes or detergent. This is a great way to prevent your machine from having bacteria and mold. You can heat your washing machine once every three to six months.

Clean The Door

Most people clean the washing machine and neglect the door, thinking it is no big deal. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your washing machine door, you may want to get on it immediately. Bacteria and grime can build up on the folds of the door if not cleaned. You can wipe out the sides of the door to get your washing machine squeaking clean.

Air Dry Your Machine

Laundry is done, and most people shut the washing machine’s door and bid it a “next time.” It is better to leave the door of your washing Machine open to air dry it after each use. This is also another great way to prevent bad smells from your machine after washing.

Check The Filter

Most washing machines have a drain filter that needs to be checked regularly to take out dirt collected during laundry. The drain filter is built differently in washing machines, so you can check your manual to see how to clear it out.


Methods Of Sanitizing Washing Machine

We have established that your washing machine may be a piece of cleaning equipment, yet it does not clean itself. Here are² three ways to help you know how to sanitize your washing machine properly.


The first method you can use to sanitize your washing machine is bleach. It may be considered the most common because bleach is popular for its bacteria-killing properties. People who deal with mold have found bleach very effective. You will need chlorine bleach, a scrubbing brush, a measuring cup, water, a protective mask, and rubber gloves for the bleaching process. Bleach is a harsh cleaning agent and can harm you if you are not well protected. Extra care is necessary when you sanitize and clean your washing machine with bleach.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is a popular DIY method of sanitizing washing machines at home. People have a long list of reviews on how effective it has been time and time again.

With this method, you would need about five cups of white vinegar, a cup of baking soda, water, a scrubbing brush, rubber gloves, and two clothes to dry. Vinegar and Baking Soda may be non-toxic, but vinegar is still acidic, so you must wear rubber gloves to protect yourself.


You may be looking for how to sanitize washing machine without having to put yourself in danger of getting exposed to toxic and acidic sanitizing agents. Unlike vinegar, bleach, and baking soda,³ hypochlorous Acid is eco-friendly and mild for your skin.

The mildness of HOCl does not reduce its effectiveness in killing bacteria. It is the most effective way to sanitize your washing machine.

HOCl is non-toxic and has an acidic level like a mild citrus juice; this makes it safe for you. Both you and your washing machine are protected from risk and bacteria.

You can get it today and check the manual for directions on how to use it effectively.


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